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Product Strategy

New technology ventures are successful when they bring compelling products to market quickly. These products must be cost effective to develop and support in order to secure a high company valuation.

An often overlooked aspect of product development is the need to develop new products that create revenue and do not jepardise existing products or other areas of our business. Only by asking the following questions can we determine the route to a high valuation or profit:

  • Do we have a clear product vision?
  • Can we support the products we currently have?
  • Are we capable of developing the products we envision?
  • Are we chasing the right business?
  • Can we easily support custom requirements?
  • Which of our products create the most value?
  • Do any of our products jepardise our business?

Nick Cresswell can help you to realise your product strategy by reviewing all aspects of your operations. These include:

  • Product Architecture - how your products are built, tested and deployed
  • Revenue & Pricing - establishing the right model for revenue generation
  • Operating Costs - how to keep support and maintainence costs under control
  • Resource Planning - growing your skill base at the right pace in the right areas