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Agile Methods

With the rise of agile methods like Scrum and XP, today's software developement teams are enjoying an era where problem-solving, human interaction and working software are recognised as more important than rigid planning, organisational structure and documentation.

This approach rationalises the software development lifecycle down to essential elements required to build and release working software quickly.

Agile teams generally adhere to the following:

  • Short iterative cycles of work (2-4 weeks) rather than long phases
  • Brief, concise requirements rather than exhaustive specs
  • Team members update each other rather than just updating their manager
  • Goal, rather than task driven
  • Code is refactored often, not designed at the start
As a consequence, Agile teams can:

  • Respond to changing requirements quickly
  • Organise tasks among themselves
  • Choose the best tools and procedures to maximise their effectiveness
  • Release innovative products quickly
Nick Cresswell's professional services help you to realise these goals in your own teams. These can be delivered as Project Management, Interim Management or Agile Coaching services